Bosch Dishwasher Filter Review: Is it Worth the Investment?

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Introducing my blog MijaelReviews! Welcome to a world of honest and detailed Amazon Reviews. In this article, we dive deep into the Bosch Dishwasher Filter to provide you with a comprehensive review. From its performance to durability, we’ve got you covered with all the essential information you need. Stay tuned for more exciting product reviews and recommendations!

Reviews of bosch dishwasher filter review

bosch dishwasher filter review

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Alright, let me give it a shot!

What’s up everyone! So, I recently bought this Bosch dishwasher filter from Amazon, and boy was it a much-needed purchase! Let me tell you, this thing has totally transformed my dishwashing game.

First of all, I gotta mention how intuitive and durable this filter is. It’s like they designed it with people like me in mind – someone who wants clean, smell-free dishes without any hassle. It’s so easy to install and fits perfectly in my dishwasher.

You know, before getting this new filter, I was having some serious trouble. My old filter was super dirty, and even after cleaning it, I was still getting error readings. Talk about frustrating! But thanks to this amazing filter, all those issues are a thing of the past. It works like a charm and keeps my dishwasher running smoothly.

One thing I love about this filter is how effective it is at catching food particles. Let’s be real, nobody wants their dishwasher to stink like a garbage disposal, am I right? Well, this bad boy ensures that doesn’t happen. It’s designed to be changed when the caught food starts to smell, so you can say goodbye to any funky odors lingering in your kitchen.

Now, let me tell you about my personal experience with this filter. We have some seriously hard water where I live, and it was wreaking havoc on my dishwasher. There was this weird white gunk accumulating all over the interior, and it was driving me crazy. But guess what? After cleaning the dishwasher with the recommended Bosch brand cleaner and replacing the filter, it’s like I have a brand new machine. No more white gunk, just sparkling clean dishes every time.

I gotta give a shoutout to the folks who created this product. It truly lives up to its promises. My dishwasher is back to functioning flawlessly, and I couldn’t be happier. Plus, my dishes are cleaner than ever before – what a win!

Now, I do have to mention one small annoyance. The filter I received didn’t exactly match the picture on Amazon. It was made of cheaper plastic and didn’t have the two black arrows like it showed. Instead, it only had one arrow, which promptly fell off. Kind of a bummer, but hey, the filter still does its job. I just hope it stays intact in the long run.

To sum it up, this Bosch dishwasher filter has been a total game-changer for me. It fixed all the issues I was having, cleared out any error codes, and kept my dishes spotless. Yeah, there was a minor hiccup with the quality of the plastic, but that didn’t stop it from doing its job. So, if you’re in need of a new dishwasher filter, look no further. This one gets the job done!

Buy this Bosch dishwasher filter now and say goodbye to dirty dishes and stinky odors! You won’t regret it, my friend.



    • This filter is a necessary purchase to ensure clean and odor-free dishes.
    • It is very intuitive and durable.
    • Even after cleaning, the old filter was causing error readings, but the new one works perfectly.
    • The dishwasher drain filter needs to be changed when the captured food starts to smell.
    • The Bosch brand cleaner, along with the new filter, restored the dishwasher’s function as advertised.


1. The filter is made of cheaper plastic and may not be as durable as the original.
2. Some customers have reported that the arrows on the filter fell off shortly after purchase, which can be annoying.
3. The filter needs to be changed regularly when the food it catches starts to smell, which can be inconvenient.
4. The filter may not fit exactly like the original, causing potential installation issues.
5. The filter may not be as effective at catching food particles, leading to less efficient cleaning of dishes.


Features of bosch dishwasher filter review

bosch dishwasher filter review

The Bosch Dishwasher Filter Review: A Must-Have for Clean Dishes

Are you tired of finding food particles stuck to your freshly washed dishes? It’s time to invest in the Bosch Dishwasher Filter (Part Number 00645038) – a compatible and reliable replacement filter that guarantees spotless results every time. This genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part is a functional equivalent to prior parts, including 645038, 645038. Compatible with various Bosch and Thermador dishwasher models, this filter ensures optimal performance and longevity.

One of the key features of this filter is its compatibility with multiple dishwasher models, including SHPM98W75N/10, SHE3ARL5UC/08, SHE3ARL5UC/07, SHPM78W56N/01, SHX7ER55UC/50, SHX7ER55UC/51, SHX7ER55UC/52, and many more. No matter which model you own, this substitute part will fit seamlessly into your dishwasher’s system, making it easy to install and replace.

When it comes to the appearance, this manufacturer substitution might differ from the original part, but rest assured, it is a functional equivalent. Its quality and performance are not compromised, providing the same level of filtration efficiency as the prior parts. With this filter, you can say goodbye to residue and embrace crystal-clear dishes once again.

Installing the Bosch Dishwasher Filter is a breeze. Before getting started, make sure to unplug your dishwasher and shut off the water supply to prevent any mishaps. Once you’ve done so, simply follow the user-friendly instructions provided with the part. The straightforward installation process ensures that you can have your dishwasher up and running in no time, ready to tackle even the toughest loads with ease.

The importance of having a clean and functional filter cannot be overstated. As the filter’s primary purpose is to trap food particles and debris, it prevents them from recirculating and redepositing onto your dishes during the wash cycle. With the Bosch Dishwasher Filter in place, you can trust that every dish, glass, and utensil will come out sparkling clean, free from any unwanted residue.

Not only does this filter enhance the cleanliness of your dishes, but it also prolongs the lifespan of your dishwasher. By preventing food particles from clogging the system, it reduces the strain on other components, such as the pump and spray arm. This ultimately leads to a more efficient and durable dishwasher, saving you from costly repairs or replacements down the line.

The Bosch Dishwasher Filter (Part Number 00645038) is an essential accessory for any Bosch or Thermador dishwasher owner. Its compatibility with various models, reliable functionality, and easy installation make it a top-choice replacement part. Say goodbye to food residue and hello to flawlessly clean dishes. Invest in the Bosch Dishwasher Filter today and experience the difference it can make in your daily dishwashing routine.



    • This part is compatible with models including; SHPM98W75N/10, SHE3ARL5UC/08, SHE3ARL5UC/07, SHPM78W56N/01, SHX7ER55UC/50, SHX7ER55UC/51, SHX7ER55UC/52, DWHD640JFP/D7, DWHD640JFP/D5, SHX7ER55UC/44, SGE63E05UC/29, SHP65TL5UC/01, SHX7ER55UC/48, SHE9PT55UC/A5, SGE63E05UC/28, SGE63E05UC/25, SHX9PT75UC/B4, SGE53U52UC/C6, SHX9PT75UC/B3, SPX68U55UC/42, SHEM78W55N/01, SHX4AT55UC/12, SGE53U52UC/C9, SGE63E15UC/A3, SHX4AP02UC/53, SHP865ZD5N/01, SHPM98W75N/01, SHX863WB5N/01, SHE89PW55N/01, DWHD651GFP/01, SHE4AP02UC/03, SHSM63W52N/01.
    • This Is A Manufacturer Substitution. Part May Differ In Appearance But Is A Functional Equivalent To Prior Parts Including; 645038, 645038.
    • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (Oem) Part. Compatible Brands: Bosch, Thermador.
    • This Circulation Pump Filter (Part Number 00645038) Is For Dishwashers.
    • Unplug The Dishwasher And Shut Off The Water Supply Before Installing This Part.

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