Braun Face Epilator Review: Unbiased Analysis for Indian Consumers

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Introducing “MijaelReviews” – Your go-to blog for top-notch Amazon Reviews! Join me, Mijael, as I delve into the world of beauty gadgets. In this article, I’ll be exploring the Braun Face Epilator, providing a comprehensive review specifically tailored for readers in India. Discover why this powerful device is a must-have for your skincare routine. Don’t miss out!

Reviews of braun face epilator review india

braun face epilator review india

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I gotta tell you, I have struggled with hirsutism for years because of PCOS. It’s a real pain in the ass, let me tell you. I’ve got hair growing on my cheeks, neck, and upper lip. If I don’t do anything about it, I could grow a beard that would put my brother to shame, haha. So, I’ve basically tried every at-home hair removal technique out there, you name it, I’ve done it.

Being a blonde in my 40s doesn’t help either. Those damn stray whiskers and peach fuzz seem to appear overnight! And it’s always when I’m driving in the car and the freaking sun hits my upper lip, chin, and cheeks. Talk about embarrassing!

I’ve waxed, threaded, and shaved over the years, but I never even considered using an epilator because of bad memories from my past experiences. Those things were painful as hell! But then, I stumbled upon the Braun face epilator, and let me tell you, this thing is a game-changer.

It really helps and is pretty painless. I was skeptical at first, but man, oh man, am I glad I gave it a shot. That unattractive mustache and chin hair? Gone! This little marvel took care of them like a boss!

Now, I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure if I’m holding it correctly since I’m left-handed. But hey, it still gets the job done. There are some tricky spots on my face where those stubborn little black hairs refuse to budge, though. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t quite get them. Trust me, I’ve tried multiple times, but no luck.

The size of this epilator is perfect! It’s compact and allows easy access to the upper lip and nose area. I also own the larger Braun epilator for my legs, but let me tell you, using that thing on my face is just awkward and too darn painful. This smaller epilator, specifically designed for the face, is a godsend.

Does it work? Yes, it does! Even with short and coarse hair, this bad boy pulls them out like a breeze. Now, I won’t lie to you, it does hurt a bit. It’s definitely not painless, but hey, it’s no worse than waxing. I’m hoping that with time, I’ll build up a tolerance to the pain. And let me tell you, my face has never felt so smooth, even after waxing. I’ll definitely keep using it.

Now, as a woman in her 50s who constantly worries about chin hair, this Braun face epilator has been a godsend. I used to consider laser hair removal, but now that I have this easy-to-use product, I don’t even think about it anymore. Plus, the battery life is impressive! I can run it over my chin every other day or so, and boom, those pesky hairs are gone. It’s really changed the game for me.

Please understand that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to epilators. I’ve been using them on my arms, legs, and bikini area for over five years. So when I decided to splurge on something more delicate that could handle facial hair, I knew what I was looking for. And let me tell you, this Braun epilator delivers. It’s easy to use, it does what it’s supposed to do, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

If you’re like me and have battled hirsutism or simply need a reliable and effective way to remove facial hair, the Braun face epilator is the way to go. It’s not completely painless, but it gets the job done. Say goodbye to embarrassing stray hairs and hello to smooth, fuzz-free skin. Trust me, you won’t regret it.



1. Effective for managing hirsutism: This epilator has proven to be effective in managing hair growth on the cheeks, neck, and upper lip, making it a great solution for those struggling with hirsutism caused by conditions like PCOS.
2. Quick and painless hair removal: Users have found that this epilator is relatively painless and helps remove unwanted facial hair quickly, providing a convenient and efficient solution for keeping stray whiskers and peach fuzz at bay.
3. Improved design for facial dimensions: Unlike larger epilators, this compact design is specifically tailored for facial dimensions, allowing easy access to areas like the upper lip and nose. This makes it more comfortable and effective for facial hair removal compared to other epilators.
4. Smooth and long-lasting results: Users have reported that this epilator provides smooth results, leaving the face feeling hair-free for longer periods. Even though it may cause some discomfort during use, the end result is worth it as it leaves the skin feeling smoother than ever before, comparable to waxing.
5. Convenient alternative to laser hair removal: For those concerned about chin hair or considering laser hair removal, this epilator offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative. It holds a long charge, making it easy to use regularly and effectively removing hair from the chin and other areas. Additionally, it saves users from worrying about the hassle and expense of laser treatments.


1. It may not be effective for removing small black hairs in certain areas of the face.
2. The pain level may vary and it may not be completely painless, especially for those with low pain tolerance.
3. It may not be as effective as waxing or laser hair removal for long-lasting results.
4. People who are left-handed may find it difficult to hold the epilator correctly.
5. It may not be suitable for larger facial dimensions and may be more painful for facial hair removal compared to other models.


Features of braun face epilator review india

braun face epilator review india

LONG-LASTING RESULTS: The Braun Face Epilator is a game-changer when it comes to achieving long-lasting smooth facial skin. No need to make appointments for waxing anymore, as this device provides salon-like results in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to unwanted facial hair and hello to a radiant complexion that lasts.

WORLD’s 1st: This revolutionary product is the world’s first facial epilation, cleansing, and skin-toning device all-in-one. It combines multiple functions to give you a complete facial care routine in a single device. Experience the cutting-edge technology that has made Braun a trusted brand in the beauty industry.

PRECISE: The facial epilator head of the Braun Face Epilator is designed to remove 4x shorter hair than wax, ensuring a smooth and clear complexion. No more waiting for hair to grow out before scheduling a waxing session. With this precise tool, you can confidently remove even the tiniest hairs for a flawless finish.

GENTLE: In addition to facial epilation, this device also offers a gentle cleansing function. It effectively removes makeup and impurities from your skin, providing a deep cleanse that is 6x more effective than manual wash. Treat your face to a spa-like experience every day and enjoy the refreshing feeling of clean and revitalized skin.

CONVENIENT: The Braun Face Epilator is designed to be cordless and rechargeable, making it easy and convenient to use. No more dealing with tangled cords or searching for outlets. Simply charge the device, and you’ll have the power for efficient salon beauty treatments wherever and whenever you want.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: With interchangeable heads, this epilator allows you to not only epilate but also exfoliate. Switch between the heads to customize your skincare routine and achieve the desired results. From silky smooth skin to improved texture, this device offers versatility for your beauty needs.

GIFT: Looking for the perfect gift? The Braun Face Epilator is an ideal choice. Treat your loved ones to an at-home salon-like experience with this device that combines convenience and effectiveness. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom, sister, daughter, or wife who deserves a pampering session in the comfort of their own home.

The Braun Face Epilator is a revolutionary product that offers long-lasting results for smooth facial skin. Its multifunctional design, precise performance, and gentle cleansing capabilities make it a standout device in the market. With its cordless convenience and interchangeable heads, achieving salon-like beauty treatments at home has never been easier. Don’t miss the opportunity to give the gift of an enhanced skincare routine with this perfect Mother’s Day present. Experience the Braun difference and say hello to a radiant complexion.



    • LONG-LASTING RESULTS: get long-lasting smooth facial skin without the wax appointment
    • WORLD’s 1st: facial epilation, cleansing, and skin-toning device
    • PRECISE: facial epilator removes 4x shorter hair than wax for smooth, clear complexion
    • GENTLE: facial cleansing removes make-up and impurities 6x more effectively than manual wash
    • CONVENIENT: cordless and rechargeable for easy, efficient salon beauty at-home
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: epilate and exfoliate with interchangeable heads
    • GIFT: Give the gift of an at-home salon-like experience with the perfect Mothers Day gifts for mom, sister, daughter, or wife

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